Hop Dude (Digital)

Hop Dude leads a simple life with his brother and adopted baby. He’s also the unknowing star of what could become the most popular video game franchise of all time.

It’s “Mario” meets “The Truman Show” in this beautiful 300-page complete collection.

• 300 Pages

• Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of it is print-on-demand - stuff like t-shirts, mugs, and prints are produced by Printful. Their stuff is super high quality and they take a much smaller cut than most print on demand places - so more of your money goes toward me, the artist!


As for books? Well, I've boxes and boxes of 'em in my garage and handle the shipping on those myself. Every book you buy affords me another half-inch of vertical real estate!



I ship book orders in batches every Friday, so you can expect that it'll ship from Los Angeles on the first Friday after you order.


Print-on-demand items such as clothing, mugs, and prints typically take between 2-5 business days to ship.

I'm so glad you asked! Buying some merch here is a great start - I recommend the books because I keep 100% of the profits on them.


Another great way to support me is on the the MercWorks Patreon, where you can directly contribute to my ongoing comics work and get access to sketches and content before anybody else.